Sunday, November 16, 2008

When a blog is born..!!

A ray of hope flitters in the sky..a shiny star lights up way up high..All across the land dawns a brand new morn...this comes to pass... when a blog is born...

Hello there, and welcome to our brand spanking new blog DRESSED UP IN DUBLIN. We here at DUIN (myself and caroline!) were so excited and delighted about our new creation we thought it deserved a singsong and a birra a dance! seeing as boney m has got our song covered we shall leave the dancing to a little bit more appropriate surroundings...

Anywho, to all you people out there in the streets of dublin , BEWARE! because a new fashionable force is set to scour the streets in the hope of finding some of your thoughtfully put together outfits. Be it day or night we promise to report on the most fashionable clubs, the location of the best vintage shops, guide you to the most delicious cupcakes and do whatever else we DARNWELL please!

In the words of martin luther king,we have a dream. A dream that one day dublin will become a the fashion hub of the world!! we find Viktor and Rolf's outfit says it all..!

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