Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hang the djs...

Pictured here is RORY (Right) and MARTIN (Left), who both run the ROCK N ROLL RESCUE SQUAD, a promotion company in which martin is the brains, and Rory, is the beauty....or on an off day, the DJ...
Both outfits pictured have, rest assured, travelled an extremely long distance to be with us today and subsequently neither could remember THAT much about them.. However personal picks would have to be Rory's black and white hounds tooth coat and sunglasses combo, whilst martins perfectly styled scarf looks effortless
For more on some of the rescue squad's deadly nights out see www.dublinrocks.blogspot.com

Bag lady..... we mean this in the nicest way..!

There were soo many elements of ANTONIA CAFFREY'S (20) outfit that i loved..! the jacket, from BT2's Grafton st, says laid back chic while the shoe boots, from cinders, adds a touch glamour! The gold lame bag is actually a bag she got a dress from Manoosh in, but i think it works flawlessly!

new york i love you,but....

CIAN MURPHY (24) knows a good bargain when he sees one!! His PERFECT logo ed sweater is from Chinatown, new york, along with his shoes.. his jeans on the other hand, are from Penny's, and were a steal at €4!
Cian's style inspiration? ..'Eh..none really..i like weird things..'
His favorite thing to do on Le week-end? go to gigs!

Heart shaped box...

CATRIONA O'ROURKE even outshone the newly installed Christmas lights on Grafton street in her glorious blue sequined Nike's from office!!...LOVING that topshop bag too.....
Catriona's favorite night out? Antics in Crawdaddys, on every Wednesday!

Hats n hair...

Pictured here is the lovely AIME PRIZEMAN and DEAN MCDAID, who were unsuspectingly inspecting the topshop sale rails when we pounced.

ooooohhh....new shooeess??

It was quite defiantly the shocking pink brogues from topshop that caught my eye on grafton st and resulted in me accosting the lovely ASHLEY WATT in bt2's.... the denim dress is also, surprisingly, from miss selfidges...! hmmm!

Trinity chic!

We just love how Toby exudes trinity chic in this photo and were also quite impressed to learn that most of his clothes actually belong to either his grandad or uncles.... The glasses in particular are his granpops from the 1950's! His shoes however, are topman...(he really didnt want to admit that one..!)
His favorite dublin haunt?... Chapters bookshop for cheap books a go-go!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Now, while i do realise that in the real world...and in Dublin especially, words like spring and/or summer are used sparingly just in case some sort of evil jinx is placed upon us and summer turns into a dull grayish and overall depressing time of year...HOWEVER in an attempt to not utter the s word and to generally avoid a curse of any kind i have decided to think aloud to myself on the interweb and show y'all a few, and i mean a few... of my favs from the shows...

Firstly I'm looking at an astoundingly AMAZING fringed jacket from who else? but topshop... i might just point out that whilst i am aware that fringe has been on the go for many a season now, nothing really screamed 'WEAR ME AND INCORPORATE ME INTO YOUR WARDROBE!!' quite like this fringed endeavor....

Another pick from the topshop collection is this beautifully deconstructed romantic cobwebby jumper which clearly draws inspiration from the mulevy sisters and their label Rodarte...whats more??? its sorta Dublin proof what with being somewhat insulating... right??

Unfortunately, and though it breaks my heart to say it, this is defiantly NOT topshop...sniff...but Chloe the french powerhouse of understated chic and widespread appeal. Hannah MacGibbon’s SS09 collection was always going to be heavily scrutinised by the fashion brigade in Paris as this collection was her debut as creative director for the highly esteemed label.

AND LORDY!...did she pull it off! In the Past Ive never REALLY been gobsmacked by a Chloe collection, and veer more towards See by Chloe and their accessories but this time i was totally stunned.. the powder yellows accompanied by an array of sinful nudes, the silk shorts tied in an impeccable bow and best of all the innovative scallop cuts on the coat which almost remind me of molding puff pastry with some sort of kitchen utensil....wowza..

After a Fall collection done almost entirely in black, Alexander Wang channeled his inner Marie Antoinette and declared 'let them have colour' for his Spring ready to wear collection. What i love the most are the boyish hard leather peep toe shoes with the metal rings attached, they act as somewhat of an connection between Alexander previous collections. Style.com are calling it a 'so-good-its-bad eighties deco-redux of Miami Vice' which i for one, am happy to roll with.

After channeling your inner Maire Antoinette how would you like to summon your inner Roisin Murphy in these FANTABULOUS-GETMETOTHESHOPRIGHTNOWCUZINEEDTHESE, shoes by Emma cook for topshop, who has, in the past produced some fierce stompers for the high street giant before.... These shoes in particular look like you've just walked through a cloud and appear to still have some cloud related residue attached to them..well they do to me anyways... i. must.own.them.

LASTLY!!! and by no mean least we have the label LUELLA by the delectable enchantress that is Luella Bartly, who is wholly responsible for the floral geek chick, tiered skirts, and nerd glasses trend that seemed to hijack the summer last year. After a disappointing winter collection the woman herself is really back on track with this explosion of colour, form and texture that makes me yearn for the whole collection to be...ehhh...transported directly to my wardrobe immediately.. please?? Perhaps Urban Outfitters may help me out in that department...?? Despite the confused and possibly impassioned stares i would attract from the unexpecting public, i truly would be willing to wear these wonderfully Topsy turvy clothes on a regular basis...


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jackets and scarfs,and handbags, oh my!

These two lovely ladies were also accosted by us on there way out of the bathroom and kindly obliged to a picture..we can be quite pushy y'know!
Rebecca (on left) Jacket ;lipsy
Top ; Yuki
Jeans ; Topshop
Gloves ; handmade 20 mins before leaving!

Catrina (on right) Jacket ; urban outfitters
Scarf ; topshop
Skirt; river island

Aint hat the truth!!!....(excuse bad punning...)

Shell's hat caught our attention the minute we walked in the door.. and there was some stalking on our part to try find her for most of the night!!..thankfully we pounched in the girls bathroom....there's no escaping our greasy mitts...moohahahaha....

Shell (middle) Hat ; topshop
Jumper ; topshop
Shirt ; camden market
Necklace ; lazy oaf

Dress of the night..

Megan wears Dress ; vintage (from Waterford)

ermmmm...we completely forgot to ask her where everything else was from...we may have lost focus and became overwhelmed by said dress...

Tesco were impressed- oh!

We were well impressed with all three of these guys, from the knee highs with runners to the button up check shirt! Good work!

Alan (far left) Shirt; vintage
Jeans ; Cheap monday
Shoes ; converse

Carrie (middle) Jacket ; topshop
Cardigan ; oxfam
Shoes ; tk maxx
Socks ; tesco (*love it)

Dave (far right) Jacket ;
Jumper ;
fred perry
Jeans ; cheap monday

Amy (last night at trashed!)

Black pinnafore dress and tee ; urban outfitters
Shoes ; From Harvey Nics
Bag ; DKNY


Trashed is one of Dublin’s ever increasing indie/electro nights. On every Tuesday, It supply’s CHEAP booze, BANGIN’ DJ’s, an indelibly FASHION forward crowd and UNITES them all in perfect symbiotic harmony all under one roof… (And all for a fiver!)..

The love in kicks off at around 10.30ish, but in all honesty most try being fashionably late… juuust don’t leave it too late, these places are notorious for filling up fast!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Off the radar???

So, this week me and Caz decided to venture on down to the event branding itself as 'the biggest fashion event in Ireland... yuuup you guessed it, Off the rails... (is it just me or for some reason is it just not the same without Caroline Morahan and Pamela Flood..uugghhh i never thought I'd utter those words.....) Its not personally something that I'd watch on a regular basis, but seeing as were starved for fashion TV in Ireland we must cling to what we've got.. GOSHDARNIT! IF YOU MUSST KNOW, my personal picks would include anything on BBC4 as they have quite a distinguished line-up of reputable fashion programming...

(HOWEVER, if its good Ole trashy television your after, head straight to Snog, Marry or Avoid on BBC3, dubbing itself as the worlds first make UNDER show!!.. as i can personally guarantee viewer satisfaction...if not the smug feeling of being downright better then somebody else..a WIN WIN situation, no?)

Anyways back to the task at hand! The event in itself was indeed lacking in the organisation department, as myself and Caroline were often found waddling around in sea of people desperately trying to find something of interest, whilst being harassed by people trying to sell us teeth whitener...hmm..

Lucikly for us, we managed to stumble upon a dainty stall set up by Butik, a small boutique located in Newbridge which boasts exclusive labels such as Malene Birger, Yana K and Pearl Lowe's beautifull creations (we almost squeled with excitement when we spotted rails of Malene Birger dresses!!) Mel, the affable owner of of the store was kind enough to chat to us for a while, let us take her photo, and even set up an interviw for us with the Style queen Pearl Lowe herself!!!

Mel is pictured here wearing a beautiful Malene Birger creation available from Butik!

More on the Pearl Lowe interview will be featured promptly in the next post!!

One other highlight of the show was the ingenious 'frock swap' that was featuring throughout the day! The idea was simple, one woman's trash is an other's treasure!!!.. each person was encouraged to bring an item of clothing they no longer wanted to see if they could swap their item for someone Else's!!

Yours truly, intrigued by the idea decided to bring along a pair of Lux high wasted flares with panelling detail to see what i could blag!!

Do excuse the shoddy quality of the photo and inherant lack of head...

However what i recived in return for these practically unworn garment was something that faaaarrr exceeded my expectations and suddenly justified the 16euro ticket indefinatly....

a r.e.d valentino overcoat dress, brand new! which retails a €425... am currently trying to get photo up but am failing so the link to see it is http://corporate.valentino.com/home2.html... choose SS08!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Red Soled

This summer a dream of ours came true as Stephanie and I met the shoe god that is Christian Louboutin at a showing of his summer collection... I know jealous much?? well you should be! I could not begin to explain how nice he was, even when the women from xpose repeatedly cocked up his name… Back to the show, the shoes were amazing as you can guess, Christian did not let us down. I love the fact he was sporting a pair of lime green converse with a well tailored grey suit..

I wasn’t expecting him to be wearing 6 inch heels but you know what I mean! While the models were doing what they do best.. walking..Stephanie and I put together our plan of attack, the second the show was over we made a B line for the man of the moment. This was taken several times to make sure we looked good… Just waiting for Morgan modeling agency to call or E-mail us at the above address… So ourselves and Christian continued to chat about his new collection, saying his favorite thing was to see beautiful women wearing his shoes and before you ask yes we were wearing his much loved heels… xoxoxoxo

When a blog is born..!!

A ray of hope flitters in the sky..a shiny star lights up way up high..All across the land dawns a brand new morn...this comes to pass... when a blog is born...

Hello there, and welcome to our brand spanking new blog DRESSED UP IN DUBLIN. We here at DUIN (myself and caroline!) were so excited and delighted about our new creation we thought it deserved a singsong and a birra a dance! seeing as boney m has got our song covered we shall leave the dancing to a little bit more appropriate surroundings...

Anywho, to all you people out there in the streets of dublin , BEWARE! because a new fashionable force is set to scour the streets in the hope of finding some of your thoughtfully put together outfits. Be it day or night we promise to report on the most fashionable clubs, the location of the best vintage shops, guide you to the most delicious cupcakes and do whatever else we DARNWELL please!

In the words of martin luther king,we have a dream. A dream that one day dublin will become a the fashion hub of the world!! we find Viktor and Rolf's outfit says it all..!