Monday, November 17, 2008

Off the radar???

So, this week me and Caz decided to venture on down to the event branding itself as 'the biggest fashion event in Ireland... yuuup you guessed it, Off the rails... (is it just me or for some reason is it just not the same without Caroline Morahan and Pamela Flood..uugghhh i never thought I'd utter those words.....) Its not personally something that I'd watch on a regular basis, but seeing as were starved for fashion TV in Ireland we must cling to what we've got.. GOSHDARNIT! IF YOU MUSST KNOW, my personal picks would include anything on BBC4 as they have quite a distinguished line-up of reputable fashion programming...

(HOWEVER, if its good Ole trashy television your after, head straight to Snog, Marry or Avoid on BBC3, dubbing itself as the worlds first make UNDER show!!.. as i can personally guarantee viewer satisfaction...if not the smug feeling of being downright better then somebody else..a WIN WIN situation, no?)

Anyways back to the task at hand! The event in itself was indeed lacking in the organisation department, as myself and Caroline were often found waddling around in sea of people desperately trying to find something of interest, whilst being harassed by people trying to sell us teeth whitener...hmm..

Lucikly for us, we managed to stumble upon a dainty stall set up by Butik, a small boutique located in Newbridge which boasts exclusive labels such as Malene Birger, Yana K and Pearl Lowe's beautifull creations (we almost squeled with excitement when we spotted rails of Malene Birger dresses!!) Mel, the affable owner of of the store was kind enough to chat to us for a while, let us take her photo, and even set up an interviw for us with the Style queen Pearl Lowe herself!!!

Mel is pictured here wearing a beautiful Malene Birger creation available from Butik!

More on the Pearl Lowe interview will be featured promptly in the next post!!

One other highlight of the show was the ingenious 'frock swap' that was featuring throughout the day! The idea was simple, one woman's trash is an other's treasure!!!.. each person was encouraged to bring an item of clothing they no longer wanted to see if they could swap their item for someone Else's!!

Yours truly, intrigued by the idea decided to bring along a pair of Lux high wasted flares with panelling detail to see what i could blag!!

Do excuse the shoddy quality of the photo and inherant lack of head...

However what i recived in return for these practically unworn garment was something that faaaarrr exceeded my expectations and suddenly justified the 16euro ticket indefinatly....

a r.e.d valentino overcoat dress, brand new! which retails a €425... am currently trying to get photo up but am failing so the link to see it is choose SS08!


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