Sunday, November 16, 2008

Red Soled

This summer a dream of ours came true as Stephanie and I met the shoe god that is Christian Louboutin at a showing of his summer collection... I know jealous much?? well you should be! I could not begin to explain how nice he was, even when the women from xpose repeatedly cocked up his name… Back to the show, the shoes were amazing as you can guess, Christian did not let us down. I love the fact he was sporting a pair of lime green converse with a well tailored grey suit..

I wasn’t expecting him to be wearing 6 inch heels but you know what I mean! While the models were doing what they do best.. walking..Stephanie and I put together our plan of attack, the second the show was over we made a B line for the man of the moment. This was taken several times to make sure we looked good… Just waiting for Morgan modeling agency to call or E-mail us at the above address… So ourselves and Christian continued to chat about his new collection, saying his favorite thing was to see beautiful women wearing his shoes and before you ask yes we were wearing his much loved heels… xoxoxoxo

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