Monday, September 28, 2009

Lahndon town!

Apologies for the GOD awful shot i took the other day! I was really really tempted not to post this one, but i was just in absolute awe of these three Londoners who managed to effortlessly mix deep green velvet dresses with docs and ripped up denim jackets.. there's a certain excitement sparked in me when i see a group of friends whose style totally complements one another, and there's not a topshop label in sight! Glee!
The girl far left (whose name has left me, along with the notepad i had scribbled it in!) is originally from Ireland and also writes for a fashion blog called! Oh and the girl far right made me completely regret being a complacent teen and not dying my hair enough...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're back!

Dear lord!!

It's been far too long.. and BOY how things have changed! Here at dressed up in Dublin we've gone through our obligatory period of reflection and self discovery...We gained 20 pounds, lost 18, wrote a tell all novel, joined a well renowned gypsy punk band, and briefly changed our names to juan and pedro respectively.. alas we're back, sane and ready for a nice cuppa tea, a sit down and a good chinwag!

We promise to photographically harass plenty of stylish boys and gals on the fair aul streets of Dublin, eat all our greens , visit gran and tidy our rooms.

I thought this Steven Meisel photo shoot from Italian Vogue (July 2007) summed up supremely how even the most fashionable creatures can fall off the wagon sometimes! (Plus its definitely one of my favorite fashion photo shoots of all time)